2 Simple Ways to Check Your Chase Credit Card Application Status

Recently applied for Chase and wanted to check the credit card application status? There are 02 fast ways to know whether it’s approved, under review or rejected.  In the competitive credit card market, Chase Credit cards have emerged as a tough competitor for credit cards offered by other companies. The credit card company offer three options to the users- Chase Sapphire Reserve, Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and the most popular Chase Freedom. All of them have been designed keeping the specific spending patterns and financial needs of the users and provide huge benefits in the form of reward points along with many other offers.

The convenience of using a Chase credit card is also a very important reason that they are liked by the customers so much. Once you have applied for the credit card of your choice with Chase, all the information that you need will be made easily accessible to you.

How to check Chase Credit Card Application Status?

Check your chase card application status

After you have submitted your request application for a credit card with Chase, there are a number of ways in which you can check for the status of your application and to know the date on which you are likely to receive it after the application has been accepted.

There are a number of ways to check your application status:

Call Customer Service to Track Application

You can get in touch with the customer care of Chase and they will immediately provide you with the latest developments on your credit card application. There are helpline numbers offered by the company that you can call for all enquiries on the status of your application.

  • You will have to dial Chase credit card helpline number 1-800-432-3117 or 1-888-338-2586
  • Your call will be answered by an automated voice message that will ask for your Social Security Number.
  • Upon providing the correct information, your credit card status will be updated immediately.

If your application has been approved, then you can activate chase credit card by following simple steps online.

Check for the Application Status Online

Since, the Chase doesn’t have any online solution to check the credit card application, you can still check your status. Make sure to apply for the card online, so that your online account will be open side-by-side. This will later help you to check the application process.

After the approval of your application from Chase, you can get updated on the status of your credit card through the chase account that you are using.

If the credit card application has been approved, you can log in to your existing online Chase and you will be able to find a new section for the credit card that you have applied for.

  • Go to the official login page here.
  • Enter your Chase user name and password and login to your  account.
  • Move mouse over right side, and click on Open a New Account.
  • Here you will find “Check My Application(s) Status, click on it.
  • This will show the status of your credit card application, whether its approved or rejected.

Bonus Tip

Another easiest option to check your status online is to send an email from your Chase account.

  • Login to your Chase account.
  • Move mouse over side menu (3 line icon) which is located on top left side.
  • Click on Secure messages
  • From here you can send a new message, click on Compose Message

For some reason, if you want to cancel chase credit card then follow these steps.

However, if you do not received a confirmation from the Chase within 7-10 working days after submitting your application, you can call Chase customer care and ask them for an update because it is likely that your application has been rejected, in which case, you can also apply for a reconsideration.

What to do if your application Rejected for Chase Credit Card?

In case, if your application has been denied, then you can request for reconsideration of your application.

For this, call to the credit card department 1-888-270-2127.

Please note that if you have open more than 5 credit cards in last 2 years then they Chase might denied.

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