03 Ways for Absa Credit Card Limit Increase

Absa bank is an African bank and present in twelve countries across the continent with 42000 employees. It is a public sector bank. The bank is well known for its several schemes and facilities that it provides to its customers. The services provided by the bank are credit cards, consumer banking, corporate banking, investment banking, private banking, wealth management and many more. Absa bank always looks after the customers comfort zone.

In this page we are going to discuss about how to increase the limit on Credit card. There are three ways to increase the Absa bank credit card limits. Below are the mentioned ways by which a customer can increase the credit card limit.

How to Increase Limit on Absa Credit Card

Absa Credit Card

By Dialing Helpline Number

You can increase your credit card limit by dialing customer care number ABSA.

  • Give a call to 0861 462 273
  • Customer support will ask you to enter your credit card number via IVR (Interactive voice response)
  • They will also ask your registered phone number and Date of Birth for verification purpose.
  • Then you can request customer support to increase the limit on your credit card.

You can also try above number and get relieved from your cr card related problems. In this number you can also talk to the customer care executive for any other query related to credit cards and get their guidance. This number is available for 24*7, you can call any time and get your queries answered.

By Writing mail to the Customer Care of Absa Bank 

Visiting bank branches frequently for several issues like debit card, credit card is a time consuming thing. Keeping this in mind bank has launched some services which not only save your time but also give easy alternative solutions to your problems.

The ABSA Bank credit card department provided an email ID to the customers. Follow below steps to send an application to increase credit limit to your ABSA Credit Card:

  • Send an email to contactcard@absa.co.za
  • Mention your last 04 digit credit card number
  • Your full name and registered phone number
  • And request to increase your credit card limit.

If you are using ABSA Card for more than 12 months, and paying your bill on time, then chances are your credit limit will be increased.

However, make sure that you don’t have number of outstanding loan with any other bank, since the ABSA bank will verify your credit history before increasing the limit.

Increase Limit by Visiting Bank

If you face any problem in calling and emailing the customer care of Absa bank then you can easily visit the bank branch by using store locator, follow below steps:

  • Go to the store locator page of Absa Bank absa.co.za/find-us
  • Enter your area or county or zip code and hit Search button.
  • It will display list of ABSA branch

Now, you can visit to the nearest ABSA branch. You need to talk to the bank official regarding your credit card related issues. The bank official will certainly help you resolve your problem.


If you are paying your credit card bill on time, maintaining good credit score then chances are credit card limit will increase on ABCA card. Just make sure that you don’t have any bad credit score/loan.

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