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Blaze Credit Card has given online application form to apply for a new credit card. Additionally, you can also check the credit card status by providing reference number.  When you are passing through a rough patch in your life and suffer from poor credit history, Blaze credit card could help you considerably to improve your credit rating. Although this card does not come with related premium features like cash back offers and free air travel, it comes with certain benefits for people, which are trying hard to re-establish their fortune after going through adverse financial circumstances. If you are really particular about making payments in time, this card could lend the much-needed support to rebuild the credit history and make the user qualify for the premium card once again.

Blaze Credit Card

Features and Benefits of of Blaze Credit card

  1. No hidden fees – Unlike other credit card companies, Blaze does not have any hidden fees that it discloses to its clients after allocating the card. The customers could feel assured about the burden of unnecessary charges.
  2. No need of any security deposit – To add to the above, the Company also does not require any security deposit and spares its customers from blocking their money unnecessarily.
  3. Honors on-time payment – If you are sincere in making payment of your EMIs, Blaze would keep your account protected, which helps in improving your credit-rating.
  4. Manage your own account online – As a customer, you could log on to your account online at anytime and seek any information about the transactions, which you have made.

How to apply for Blaze Credit Card?

You can easily apply for a new credit card online, just follow below steps:

  • Go to the official application page to apply for Blaze credit card
  • Scrawl down to bottom page and click on Apply Now button
  • Fill up the form carefully click on Preview Application.
  • Click on Submit button.

You will receive a confirmation email from Blaze regarding credit card application submission form.  Keep the email for future tracking purpose.

How do you know the status of your application?

Once successfully submitted the application form for Blaze credit card, then wait for 1 week and check your email or sms if received any confirmation email.

If not, then dial 1-605-782-3472 and ask the customer-care about the status of your pending application.

The customer support executive will need your application reference number to track the status and will let you know whether your application for credit card has been approved, under approval or rejected.

Note that, if you have poor credit history then chances are your application will be rejected.

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