Check Your Best Buy Credit Card Application Status

User can check their application status using the Application ID or Zip code provided by the Best Buy Credit Card or via customer care executive number. The Best Buy is one of the most popular credit cards. As the name suggests, this card has been specifically designed for the shoppers in you. Its amazing benefits and valuable offers make it a great addition to make to your wallet.

credit cardApart from the long list of benefits that Best Buy credit card has got for its users, it is a favorite of people for the easy and convenient usage. You are likely to receive your credit card within 7 to 10 working days after your application has been accepted. The user-friendly services provided by Best Buy makes it sure that you don’t have to get into any hassle even if you want an update on your application status.

How to find your Best Buy Credit Application Card Status?

Best buy card - check your application status

Getting information on the current status of your application if you have applied for a Best Buy credit card is a fast and simple process. There are a number of ways that you can choose from to get all the details that you need.

How do I Check my Credit Card Status Offline 

1) Call to Your Best Buy Service Number

You can call the friendly customer care service at Best Buy and get an update on your application status.

  • Dial the helpline number 1-888-574-130
  • Enter your Social Security Number.
  • Once your call is connected to a customer service representative, you will be asked to provide your reference number and the current status of your credit card application will be given to you immediately.

If you do not have your reference number, you can also provide your name and Social Security Number and get the required update.

2) Follow-up on Facebook

You can also request a status update for your credit card application by contacting Best Buy through their Facebook page.

  • Just go to the official Facebook page of Best Buy (
  • Click on Send Message, located on to right hand side.
  • And drop a message asking for an update with your reference number or SSN.

You will be provided with the needed information.

If you want them to contact you, you can also leave your phone number in the message.

Know Your Application Status Online

Best Buy application tracking form


If you want quick and latest update about the status of your Best Buy credit card  online, then follow below steps:

  • Go to the Best Buy page here
  • Click on “Check application status” located on to the right hand side.
  • A form will open, enter your DOB, Social Security Number and Zip Code
  • Click on ‘Submit’ button.

On submission of the correct details, you will get the current status of your credit card application.

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