CitiBank PremierMiles Credit Card Review

The Citibank Premiermiles credit card is a popular and perfect credit card for frequent traveler that offer lounge access, point redemption, low charges and other benefits. With their latest series, Citi Bank is determinant to design a credit card for everyone. They have launched Premium Miles credit card keeping in mind the people who travel frequently. A premium credit card from a trusted bank under Visa signature, Premium Miles is a credit card that could be undoubtedly called the best among all others in its range.

Citi premiermiles credit card

If you are a globe trotter and are frequently travel to new places all across the world, this credit card has the best reward program as well as other offers that will prove to be a highly valuable addition to your wallet.

Review Summary

  • Cash Kanjoos Review Team: 
  • MouthShut Rating: 2.1%
  • Joining Fees: Rs 3000 + GST
  • Late Fee Annual Charges:37.20% to 42.00%
  • Cash Advance: 2% or minimum Rs 300

This is a brief detail about the PremierMiles card. Even though this card is only for Indian customers; its benefits are not limited to India and can used for international flying, dinning to shopping.

Benefits with Citi Bank PremiumMiles Credit Card

BenefitsThe name itself says everything about the card, ‘Premium Miles’, that means luxury travel. Let us look at the detailed benefits that you get with your Premium Miles credit card:

Miles Program

As Premium Miles is a credit card designed for travelers, it provides unique travel benefits in the form of its miles program. Miles refer to the reward points that you earn with every spent made from this credit card.

How can you earn Miles?

There are a number of ways in which you can add miles to your credit account with this credit card from Citi Bank.

  • After getting your credit card, you need to spend Rs 1000 or more within the first 60 days of the beginning of your first statement cycle. You will be awarded 10,000 miles for this transaction.
  • Earn 10 miles on every Rs 100 spent when you make a flight booking or a hotel reservation from the official Premium Miles website.
  • You can also earn an accelerated 10 miles on spending Rs 100 on every transaction made with any airlines of the world.
  • For all other transactions, earn 4 miles on every Rs 100 spent.
  • Every time you renew your card, an additional 3000 miles will be added to your account.
  • On every travel booking made through Make My Trip, you will be awarded 10x miles of the whole transaction value.
  • For all members of the Frequent Flyer Program of any airlines, you will get 10 miles on a spent of Rs 100 with this credit card along with the rewards that you will earn from the airlines.

Redeeming your Miles

The mile program is not only great with respect to earning miles, but also when it comes to redeeming them. Each mile earned with Citi Bank Premium Miles credit card has a redemption value of Rs 0.45. also, the miles that you earn with you credit card will be there till you have your card active. So, you can spend them at your choice.

What is best is that all the miles that you have earned from your various travels can be clubbed together and you can use them directly to make a new flight booking. It means that the miles that you have earned will get directly converted into an amount of money and when you have enough, you can make a new booking with them.

Lounge Access Benefits

  • Citibank PremierMiles Visa Credit Card provide access to 20+ Airport Lounges across Airports in India and Abroad.
  • With Premium Miles credit card, you can access Lounge 8 times in a quarter.

Other Travel Benefits

While dining at a hotel that has partnered with Citi Bank, you can get a discount of up to 15% on your total bill.

Shopping Benefits

You can also shop across various online and offline shopping partners of Citi Bank directly with the miles that you have earned from your spending.

The redemption value will range from Rs 15 to Rs 30, depending on the place that you are shopping from, for every 100 miles.

This offer is also valid on buying fuel. While paying for fuel, every 100 miles will be equal to Rs 30 when you pay with your Premium Miles credit card at any Indian Oil petrol pump across the country.

Fees & Charges of Citi PremierMiles Credit Card

FeesThe joining fees for Citi Bank Premium Miles credit card is Rs 3000. You will also have to pay the same amount on every renewal which will be once after every 12 months. You can also get your joining fee waived if you are a Citi Priority client.

Apart from this, the annual interest rate on your credit card will range from 37.20% and 42.00% per annum, depending on the card spends, credit limit utilization, repayment patterns etc. for each individual card holder.

Citi PremierMiles Credit CardFees
Joining FeeRs 3000
Renewal FeeRs 3000
Interest Rate (Annually)37.20% and 42.00%
Late Payment ChargesRs 100
Over Credit Limit Fees2.5% of the amount
Cash Advance Charges2% / minimum Rs 300


This review will surely help you to find the pros and cons of PremierMiles Credit Card. Overall it’s a good credit card for those who frequently travel via plane for personal or business purpose. Although the interest rates on late fee is bit higher. Otherwise, it has several benefits that can easily redeem. A perfect card for frequent travel bird!!

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