10 Best Ways to Earn Money Online without Investment

There are several ways to earn money online, but I will disclose 10 best ways that will help you to start making $$ without investment online. You just need specialized skill, laptop and internet connection.  Internet has always opened a world of opportunities to one and all. Presenting the unemployed with opportunities to make money, it has the capacity to help in the generation of extra income for the people, who do not have sufficient money for living.  With every passing day, internet now comes up with fresh opportunities for men and women of all ages to make money online. The amazing fact is it gives scope of making money to both skilled and unskilled people, who could make honest bucks to help in their day-to-day living.

How to Make Money Online without a Penny Investment

Earn money online without investment ideas

In this blog, I will reveal 10 best ways to earn money without single investment online. You can work from home and earn handsome amount online, you just need a laptop and internet connection. Let’s know about such opportunities that could help the unemployed and underemployed grow rich and financially stable.

Start Freelancing Work

This is amazingly simple because as an entrepreneur, you just need an laptop and internet connection to start your freelancing work.

There are several freelancing sites where you can register yourself as a service provider and start bidding to grab projects. Following are few good sites to start with:

You could make effective communication with your clients, customers, and suppliers to convince them about what you could bring them to their doors.  You could simply convince them about your business motives and how you stand above your competitors.

Do Micro Jobs

Micro job is a popular, quick and simple way of making money online. Meaning, a minor job that could help you to make quick money online.

Let’s think of the people, who are in need of getting their requirements fulfilled within a very short period of time like voice-over, article writing, photo and video editing, video testimonials, etc .

These job offers could come to you, when you are registered on these micro job sites like:

The micro jobs offer benefits like work from home opportunities within flexible timing.

Sell Online

As the buyers are getting increasingly educated about internet, they prefer to compare sellers online. Factors like costs and utilities of the product get fabulously highlighted with exposure on selling online. Moreover, selling online has lesser operational costs for the seller and higher scope of discounts for the buyers.

You could easily list your products on the leading e-commerce sites like:

And begin selling online right from the first day.

Also check how to save money on Wedding that will surely help to save your good amount of money.

Be a Virtual Assistant

As the industry for virtual administration has gone through a vast change, many companies and business owners are now considering hiring outside virtual assistants that gives them good saving in overhead costs and other related areas. You could either become a self-employed virtual assistant or an employee working at home for a Company. Large virtual assistant companies with clientele consisting of small businesses, corporate organizations, medical practitioners, and entrepreneurs give the opportunity of such online employment. Companies like fiverr.com, and www.freelancer.in provide this opportunity to the candidates.

Be a Photo Seller

The world of web has various sites, where you could sell your photos.

If you are a skilled photographer and are capable of clicking your camera deftly , then you could certainly upload your photos in sites like:

You just need a good quality camera to capture image, and upload your photos on these site to sell your photographs.

Although selling photos is really competitive, dexterity and a sincere approach could make you earn good money.

Make money using Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are too popular sites, where you could certainly create your accounts.

Once you have good number of followers (more than 25,000 at least) then big and medium scale companies may contact you to promote their business on your profile.

Following are few well known methods that can be used to make money via Facebook and Instagram:

  • Affilaite Marketing – Promote a product and you will get paid on confirm sales from your profile page.
  • You can publish Sponsored Posts, companies will pay you on per post.
  • Promote local business or products on your profile page.
  • Last but not least, sell your Instagram account – Amount can vary based on total number of followers.

You could learn the ways to monetize your postings in the two best popular sites and learn as well.

Be a Writer

Be it content or story writing, the world of internet has real opportunities for those with flair.

If you have good command in writing and know how to write simple yet interesting content, then these sites can help you out to grab content writing work:

What things you will need?

  • Obvious good writing skills
  • Know how to search on Google for specific topic, find information and write in own way.
  • Meet the deadline

You will have to create your own profile, upload few sample articles and bid on available projects. Once you grab a project, try to give your best by delivering quality written article. This will help you to get good review, which will later help a lot to grab more number of projects.

Believe it, if you could deliver content in time, success and money would greet you at every step.

Upload Videos in Youtube channel

Viewing videos in Youtube.com has now acquired such a craze that enthusiasts in various fields upload their videos showing their skill in various areas.

You could watch the tutorial video by Youtube and get guided to know about the types of videos, which could get monetized.

As it is well-said that “practice makes it perfect”, well-researched videos with good editing could help you to make good money as millions watch them in Youtube across the world.

Begin offering Online Tuition

As the education field has come up with increasing demand for tutors for various subjects, the world of web has now created a greater platform called online tuition. The class or audience could consist of students from various parts of the world. If you teach well , then certainly sky is the limit for the deserving candidates.

What you need?

  • A good tutor with excellent knowledge in any particular subject.
  • White Board
  • Good Internet Connection and a Laptop

Following are few top-notch-sites where you can register, create profile and start bidding:

This field has certainly high potential for high income for the deserving candidates.

Become an Online Consultant

There cannot be a better place than the world of web for showcasing your skill. When it has become increasingly easier to connect with the rest of the world, you could offer consultancy in your area of excellence.

Literally speaking, when you are good at selling yourself and your services, you have just a world of opportunities at your disposal.  As business houses prefer online consultants to employees, you could offer your consultancy as solutions to their problems. This reduces the burden of regular hiring for the companies as they do not have to go for direct employment.


There are plenty of opportunities online that can be started without any investment and you can star earning money from the first day online. Things that required is Passion, Internet, Laptop and right Skills.

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