ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card Review

ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card is one of my favorite cards that offer wide range of benefits at minimal fees. Believe me this card is handy, offer cashback via reward point. I have provided detail review of my favorite ICICI Platinum credit card. It is a basic card that provides payment flexibility to its customers. Now you can enhance your shopping experience with this card. I have been using it for domestic and international shopping as well. The card provides credible benefits for a very low annual fee. This card covers the VISA and MasterCard payment gateway. It also presents a good prospect to obtain PAYBACK points whenever you swipe it.

 ICICI Platinum Credit Card

ICICI Platinum Credit Card

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Today, the ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card is getting wide popularity because of its ease of use and number of benefits and features. The best part that I love about this card is: easy to use, almost free card (read below how you can avail the ICICI platinum credit card for free), good time frame to pay the bill and moreover, super-friendly customer support.

ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card Features

Let’s look into its features:


The card comes with pin and chip security. It includes an embedded microchip for providing an extra level of security against replication and forge of credit cards. Moreover, it also comes with an additional security layer, represented as a PIN (Personal Identification Number).

MasterCard features

The MasterCard card members can now relish the advantages of special MasterCard Moments program. In this card, you can use the program which provides a wide range of exceptional experiences, intended to improve the cardholders’ lives.

VISA features

Through the help of VISA branding, the ICICI platinum credit cardholders can get special delights like exciting discounts at lifestyle stores, dining deals from luxury hotels, etc. In addition to that, customers can also use Global Emergency Assistance Service, in order to report a lost card and to get emergency card replacement. 

  • International Transaction: Allowed
  • Security: 02 Layer

ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card Benefits 

BenefitsThe ICICI Chip credit cards have number of benefits that makes it a user friendly and popular among the cardholders. Not only salary employees can apply for this card, but even small businessman can also own it.

  • Dinning: 15% saving on 800+ leading restaurants
  • Fuel: 1% fuel surcharge waiver
  • Movie ticket: Rs 100 off on movie ticket if uses via BookMyShow, can be use twice a month.
  • Payback: Get 2 Payback points whenever you sent Rs 100
  • Income Proof: No salary slip or income proof required if open against FD.

Have a look to the list of advantages of having a Platinum Chip Visa Card in detail below:

PAYBACK Rewards:

You can use this card to buy items and obtain reward points except for fuel transaction.

The appealing aspect is that on every Rs. 100 spent on retail purchases, you can gain 2 PAYBACK points.

I am earning reward points on my ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card whenever I do shopping online, here is the billing summary that shows the reward points:

ICICI Bank platium credit card bill summary

In addition to that, whenever you go shopping at PAYBACK partners, the earnings can be multiplied. With this card, you can gain two PAYBACK points on international spend, two on domestic spends, two on online spend and two on other categories.

Annual fee savings

Whenever you make a shopping of minimum of Rs. 50,000 in a year, the annual fees with charge Rs. 99 will be put aside for the next year. In this manner, you can avail advantages on the credit card without requiring paying for it.

Culinary treats

You can save minimum 15% on your dining bill at over 800 participating restaurants, present all across India. This is accomplished with the help of ICICI Bank’s Culinary Treats programme.

To understand better, you could visit the Culinary Treats website; alternatively, you can install its mobile app from Apple iStore or Google Play store. 

Annual Fees and Charges

The joining fee is Rs. 199 for the first year. From second year on-wards, annual fees of Rs.99.

However make sure to talk to the ICICI Bank guy who is offering your this card and request to waif-off the joining fees. Thus the this Platinum card fee will Rs 0.

The overdue interest charged on cash advance as well as extended credit is 3.40% per month and 40.80% per year. However this card do provide about 14 to 18 days of time frame, after the bill is generated. Depending upon the starting date of billing cycle, you will have enough time to pay the bill.

Let’s have a look to the ICICI Platinum Card’s rate and fees:

  • Joining Fees: Rs 199
  • Annual Fees: Rs 99
  • APR Rate: 40.80%
  • Monthly Late Fee Charges: 3.40%
  • Cash Advance fee: 2.49% per month / 29.88%
  • Billing Cycle: 14 to 18 days after bill is generated

Note: If you are applying for ‘ICICI Bank Instant Platinum Credit Card’ then joining / annual fees will be 0 (zero).

Documents Required

EligibilityWhen going to apply for the Platinumn credit card, you will have to submit few necessary documents. Listed below is the list of documents required to make an application for this card.

  • Identity proof like driving license, passport, PAN card or Aadhar card
  • Residence proof like ration card, landline telephone bill, electricity bill, or passport
  • PAN card photocopy or Form 60
  • Income proof as IT returns, most recent payslip or Form 16
  • Colored photograph 

ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card FAQs


  1. What time does it take for the application process of ICICI platinum credit card to complete?
    The processing time of this card’s application process is approximately up to 21 working days. However, I received my platinum credit card instantly as soon i filled up the application form at their branch office. Although ICICI Bank  took 5 days to activate the credit card.
  1. What happens if I spend more than my credit limit?
    You need to pay an over-limit charge i.e., 2.5% of the sum by which your credit limit is surpassed.
  1. If I want to automatically pay credit card bills, is the auto-debit facility available?
    Yes, ICICI platinum credit cardholders can direct instructions to directly pay credit card bills via their respective bank accounts. If you have ICICI saving bank account, then you can easily pay the credit card bill using net banking. You will have to add your card details under Biller to make the payment.
  2. How to increase the ICICI credit card limit?
    The Bank will ask you to create a FD first and then they will give you the credit card. You can increase the card limit based on the fixed deposit amount. For example, if you have given a fixed deposit of Rs 20,000 then your credit card limit will be 85% i.e. Rs 17,000.

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