ICICI bank is one of the leading private sector banks of India. It’s headquarters lie in Mumbai, the financial hub of the nation. ICICI full form is Industrial credit and investment corporation of India. It became operational in the year 1994. Today, the ICICI Bank is counted among the top 5 private banks in India, having thousands of branches across the country and worldwide.

ICICI bank was initially established as a financial institution with the objective of providing monetary assistance to emerging industrial corporations. At present, ICICI is widespread throughout all corners of India with 4850 branches. It is also a multinational enterprise and operates in 16 other nations. In 2018, ICICI became the second largest bank in terms of market capitalisation and asset holdings. According to latest statistics ICICI Bank has total consolidated assets of US dollar 172.5 billion.

Banking products

ICICI bank has qualified HR team that designs new banking products for customers. Products include personalised banking, corporate banking, wealth banking and privileged banking services.

IT support

It has a well developed IT support in its office branches. It provides customers with the most updated banking facilities like internet banking and mobile banking.

Customer care

ICICI customer care department is available for 24 hours of the day for dealing with customer queries and providing them valuable assistance. Customers can get their complaints resolved through banking toll free number or through email communication.

Career opportunities

ICICI Bank provides career opportunities to people. Candidates are recruited in various positions in ICICI bank on the basis of their educational qualifications and performance in entrance tests.


ICICI bank has issued many innovative banking services and has been credited for such initiatives time and again.

Adherence to CSR

ICICI bank is known for its commitment towards corporate social responsibility it works closely with its branch ICICI foundation to promote economic development at the national level.