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How to check ICICI Credit Card Application Status using 03 ways – Online and Offline using Customer Care, Toll Free Number and Email ID. The ICICI Bank is one of the pioneers in giving different types of credit cards to meet the specific needs of its customers. Over a period, it has extremely simplified its procedure for the same and introduced online application and features for easiest accessing of application status. The offline and online methods could easily facilitate tracking of application status. Once you have the application number in your possession, you could easily track the latest position of your application. The application number is available on the application acknowledgement form and the same is also available in the registered mobile number.

As this process is really structured, let’s know about the step-by-step process that could really keep updated about the exact status of your application number.

How to track application status of ICICI Bank Credit Card?

The online application procedure introduced by ICICI Bank is really simple and it takes a few minutes to get the online application duly filled in.

Just go to the credit card page (icicibank.com/card/credit-cards/credit-card.page) and select a credit card as per your need. You could then proceed to click on the “apply now” tab and file your application online.

The online portal is greatly dedicated to process the applications of its valued customers. As the processing of the application is fast, you would get assured reply to your application within a short time.

Once you successfully submitted the application for ICICI Credit card then can check status after 07 days. Use one of the below steps to track your application and know whether its approved or rejected.

Steps to know ICICI Bank credit card application status online

You could track your ICICI credit card application status online through two ways:

  1. You could make use of application number
  2. You could use your date of birth to track the status of your application

Check the Status using Application Number

Track icici bank cr card application by submitting necessary detail online

Follow below steps to track your request using application number:

  • Go to the tracking page of ICICI Bank.
  • Enter your Mobile Number, Application Number and Date of Birth
  • And click on Continue button

The latest status of your application will get displayed online.

Track Status using Date of Birth & OTP

The 2nd method is similar, follow the steps mentioned below to know the status of your credit card application;

  1. Go to the page loan.icicibank.com/asset-portal/my-applications-login and fill in the form on the left side
  2. Mention your registered mobile number, and date of birth, and then click on “send OTP”.
  3. The onetime password would come to your registered mobile number.
  4. At last, click on “continue”.

Status of your application would get displayed on the screen immediately.

Different Status of Your Application Meaning

Your credit card application could show six different stages under processing for approval. Let’s know them one-by-one;

  1. In-progress– It means your application is still under processing.
  2. Onhold– This status would appear, when for some reason the bank has put your application on hold.
  3. Approved– When your application has gone through all the processing, it would get the “approved” status.  You would get it very soon.
  4. Dispatched– When the bank has sent it by courier after approval and sent it by post.
  5. Disapproved– When your application is turned down due to some reason, it would have the status as “disapproved”.
  6. No records found– When you enter wrong details, then the computer would show this status as “no records found”.

Check Application Status Offline

If you don’t want to use online method, then simply give a call to the ICICI customer support to know the application status. Follow below steps:

  • Dial to ICICI Bank Credit Card Helpline Number 1800-102-4242 or 1800-200-3344
  • Listen to the automated voice carefully and hit the button accordingly
  • Once connected to the Customer care, request them to update you regarding credit card application status.
  • You will have to provide Reference number and contact number for verification.
  • On providing necessary detail, the customer care will let you know the status of your application.

Note: Make sure to call between Monday to Friday and 9 Am to 6 PM.

Send Email to Know Your Application Status

Last but not the least, you can send an email to customer care and ask to update about your application. To do so, follow below steps:

  • Write an email to customer.care@icicibank.com
  • Mention your Full Name, Phone Number, and Reference Number.
  • And send it.

You will receive a reply in 03 business days from the support team.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQs) 

  1. What is the time gap between submission of application and receipt of credit card?
    The processing takes almost 21 days time and once approved, the credit card would reach your house within 5 working days.
  2. Can I apply offline?
    You could strait go to your nearest branch of ICICI Bank and submit your application there.
  3. Can I get instant Credit Card?
    Yes, you can get ICICI Platinum Credit Card instantly. Visit nearest branch of ICICI Bank, go to the customer help desk and they will help you to get instant credit card.
  4. How can I increase my Credit Card limit?
    Once your application is approved, then you can request to the Bank to increase the limit.

Let me know how was your experience while applying for cr card with ICICI Bank by leaving your comment below.

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