ICICI Credit Card Limit Increase

Do you have a Credit Card of ICICI Bank and wanted to increase the limit? Use any one of these 4 methods from online to phone call to increase hike in your card. Having the credit limit expanded feels similar to getting an advancement it expands your power of purchasing. A higher limit for credit card can mean great things for the credit score of the credit card. There can several pros and cons of having the limit of one’s credit limit increased.  It is vital to be aware that thirty percent of the credit score depends on the level of debt that is on the credit card. A huge piece of that is the usage of the credit or the measure of accessible credit you’re utilizing. An increment in the limit of the credit will bring down the credit usage—expecting you keep a similar equalization or pay it down. This implies for a higher credit score of the credit card holder.

Steps to Increase Credit Limit on ICICI Credit Cards

ICICI bank provides its current credit card clients an alternative to apply for a survey or improvement or decrease of credit limit under its feature of ‘Credit Limit Increase’. Clients can make a demand for both cash limit as well as credit limit improvement after finishing a year of their participation with the bank. This implies they should utilize their current credit cards in minimum of one event in the year.

Call to the ICICI Customer care

Clients can conveniently call the customer care services of ICICI Bank in order to increase the limit of their credit card.

You can reach to the ICICI credit card customer care using this link. Dial the number based on your city.

You will have to provide your Credit card number and customer care executive will ask few personal detail (like DOB) to verify your identity.

Since the advent of enhanced Customer relations technology, communication over these technologies has made it easier to receive help.

Visit the nearest ICICI Branch

In case customers are not satisfied with the resolution provided by the customer service on the phone, clients can visit their nearest branch of ICICI bank to receive help with more clarity and guarantee.

Visit the nearest ICICI Branch, use this locator tool.

Go to the Help-desk section and tell them that you wanted to increase the credit limit, they will assist you accordingly.

Pre-Approved Limit Enhancement

ICICI carries out an occasional survey of the credit card account and distinguish those who are qualified for the offers related to increase of credit card limit.

You can also apply for a review for the credit card limit, but note that you must have have the credit card for more than 12 months. If you are using the ICICI Credit card once or twice a month then chances are your card limit will be increased.

Qualified card holders will get an offer from the bank affirming the qualification for credit limit increment offer.

When the bank reaches out to clients for these offers, clients can answer to the message as coordinated and you will before long get a call from the given department in order to increase the credit card limit.

If you are using ICICI Card then you might also like ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card review here.

Send a Request Email for Increase Credit Card Limit

Last but not the least, you can send an email from your registered email to increase the credit limit on your ICICI Card.

For this, send an email from your registered email and mention below detail:

  • Your Name
  • Last 4 Digit of your Credit Card Number
  • Registered Phone Number
  • And send email to credit_cards@icicibank.com

You will receive an email in 2-3 working days.

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