Indusind Bank Indulge Credit Card Review

The most expensive Indusind Bank Indulge Credit Card has several benefits with high joining fees. It can be own by only top elite people with high income.  You will come to know below, why I am saying this in review. To stay at the top in the increasingly competitive credit card market, Indusind Bank has launched Indulge Credit Card. This is an exclusive credit card that has been designed specifically for an enhanced lifestyle experience. The card is the first and only one of its kind among all other options that are available for Indian customers.

Indusind Bank Indulge Credit Card

Aptly named, Indulge credit card is designed to make sure that everyone who owns it gets a taste of a lifestyle that is indulged in luxury. The card has a handsome looking real 22-karat gold inlay reflective surface and complete black core.

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This is a very brief detail about this card. Apart from its attractive looks, it is packed with a number of features and benefits that speaks class and reflects a lifestyle of boundless capabilities, lets have a look.

Benefits of Indusind Indulge Credit Card

BenefitsIndusInd Indulge Credit Card is the perfect credit card for people who have a class apart lifestyle. It is a prestige symbol to hold this credit card not only because of the unique design of this card that has been crafted with gold, but also because it is available to only the most precious customers of the bank. This credit card is available for customers at an initial security deposit amount of Rs 2,00,000. Let’s take a look at what benefits this credit card offers.

Credit Limit

Indulge credit card has no pre-defined spending limit. This means that the card holders can spend up to any amount in a given statement cycle using this card.

Lifestyle Benefits

There are a number of benefits for IndusInd Indulge Credit Card holders that directly reflect a class apart lifestyle.


Every Indulge credit card holder has automatic access to Art fairs, Biennales, museum shows and openings and other non-film events all over the world.

Apart from this, there is a dedicated advisory that is available for consultation on contemporary art that will be accessible to you through this credit card.

There is a 20% discount on tickets of all non-film events. The maximum discount that each card holder can avail is up to Rs.700 per transaction or on every card per month.


With Indulge credit card, you can get access to a number of golf clubs across India, Singapore and Thailand as a Green Fee Player.

You can also get special classes from renowned Golf instructors in the specific clubs associated with IndusInd bank if you are a holder of this credit card.

Exclusive Dining Experience

You can have a once in a lifetime dining experience with your family with this credit card. Every card holder gets to invite a celebrity chef from the list of available chefs at their home and prepare a meal for them.

Lounge access at Airports

With IndusInd Indulge Credit Card, access to over 600 lounges is available in all major airports across the world.

Every card holder will be given a complimentary priority pass for lounge access to all airports four times in a period of three months. Complimentary lounge will also be given to each card holder twice in an year at all major airports.

Travel Insurance

A travel insurance is done for every flight booking made with Indulge credit card and the maximum amount of claim can be up to INR 2.5 crores.

Offers on Movies

Every movie ticket purchased with Indulge credit card has another ticket available for free with it. The maximum amount of the ticket could be Rs 300.

However, this offer is available on a quota basis on only 1000 tickets in a month. Each user can book a maximum of 3 tickets under the offer in a month.

Fuel Benefits

Every transaction made between Rs 400 to Rs 4000 on fuel from any petrol pump across India with Indulge credit card will not be charged the 1% surcharge on fuel.

Exclusive Reward Program

There is an exclusive reward system for each Indulge credit card holder based on their usage and expenses made with the credit card.

Concierge Service

With the exclusive concierge service available, all Indulge credit card holders can get their bookings done for tickets, hotel suites, theater performances. This service also helps with buying a gift for your loved ones.


To ensure maximum security for your transactions, each Indulge credit card comes with an EMV chip.

Apart from this, all transactions made from your credit card in case it has been stolen or counterfeited are also covered. Only the transactions made between a period of 48 hours from reporting a theft will be entertained for coverage.

Eligibility Criteria & Documents Required for Indulge Credit Card

EligibilityIt’s one of the most expensive credit card available in India, however eligibility criteria is almost same like other provider. The only thing that many users can’t apply is the income amount, have a look.


The minimum age to apply for the royal Indulge Credit Card  is 21 years and must have good source of income.

Salaried Person21 to 70 years
Pensioners40 to 70 years
Businessman21 to 70 years
Self-Employed21 to 70 years

If your salary is not that much high then you can consider Indusind Iconia Credit Card that has only Rs 10,000 joining fees.

Fees & Charges of IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card

FeesIt’s one of the elite credit card available in India, thus please note that the card holders will have to pay Rs 2,00,000 (as security deposit) as joining fees, and this will remove annual fee.

Whereas if the customers pay Rs 1,00,000 as the joining fees, then will have to bear Rs 10,000 as the annual fees.

IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit CardFees
Joining FeeRs 10,000
Renewal FeeNil
Interest Rate (Monthly)1.79% monthly
Late Payment ChargesRs 100 to Rs 700 depending on due amount.
Cash Advance ChargesRs 250 or 2.5 % of the advance amount
Interest Rate (Annually)21.48%


This review must cleared cloud about the benefits and disadvantages of IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card. The only thing that is stopping common man to get this premium credit card is the security deposit. Otherwise it has low interest rates on late payment fees and numerous benefits from movie tickets, free travel insurance, lounge access etc.

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