Marbles Credit Card Application Status

Simple ways to know whether marbles submitted application has been approved or rejected. Fulfill minimum card requirement while applying for a credit and check the status online. Marbles Credit Card is one of the best credit building cards in UK. It is a favorite of students, youngsters and people who have recently immigrated to UK. The main reason is that you can get a Marbles Credit Card even if you have a poor or no credit history, making it an ideal first credit card for most of the people.


Even though Marbles Credit Card is designed for people who have a bad or no credit score, it should not be confused with a credit card that gives less and take more. Marbles Credit Card comes with a number of unique benefits that make it perfect not just for people who are looking for a first credit card but also for everyone else. If you have a good credit score, you are eligible for a marbles credit card with a higher credit limit. Marbles credit card not only guarantees you a significant presence in the credit sector as a customer but also offers you rewards and other interesting offers that are sure to get you an upper hand over most other credit cards in the same category.

A good credit card is a must for the modern-day shopper. Credit cards provide you with the luxury of smart spending with safe and easy transactions, convenience of carrying around and control over your own money. But getting your first credit card can be tricky because of lack of any proper credit history. So, you need a credit card that not only suits your pocket but also helps you build a credit score.

You can apply for your own Marbles Credit Card by submitting an application. You will be informed if you are eligible for it or not there and then. Once you have submitted your application for the credit card and it is approved, you can get frequently updated on the status of it. 

How to know your Marbles Credit Card Application Status?

Marbles card - check your application status

If you have already successfully submitted your application for the Marbles credit card, then there are few ways you can use to check whether application has been approved or not. You can track the status of your Marbles Credit Card both online and offline, lets find out, how you can do that.

Know your Credit Card Status Offline

1) Call Marbles customer care

You can call on the activation helpline for Marbles on 0800-328-2523 to make enquirers on the process of applying for your credit card.

You can call the customer care on 0333-220-2692 for all other queries related to your application status.

The quick and friendly customer care executives will ask for a few details and you will be provided with the latest developments on the status of your application.

They will update you if the application is under processing, accepted/rejected or if your card has been dispatched to you.

2) Write to Marbles Customer Service

You can also send all your queries about your Marbles Credit Card to their customer service by post.

While sending a post make sure to include these detail to query about your application status:

  • Your First and Last Name
  • Enter your Marbles card application number
  • Your phone number and email ID
  • Form submission date

And send the letter to below address:

Marbles Customer Services
PO Box 136
S98 1HB

Your query will be resolved through mail and you can expect a reply within a week.

Know your Credit Card Application Status Online

You can sign up for your Marbles Online Account and get all your queries on Marbles Credit Card resolved through it.

Registration detail form

  • Visit
  • Enter your ‘Personal Details’ like Last Name, DOB,
  • There is a ‘Radio button’ below ‘Cardholder details’, click on it, if you don’t have the credit card.
  • Enter your account detail and click on Next.
  • Follow next step and create your account.

Once you have your Marbles account activated, you can send all your queries over message through the Marbles Account Manager by going to

Note: Please note that the based on your credit rating, the marbles will take final decision to approve your application. So, if you have good credit history, and do not have any lenders then you can expect that your application will be approved.

How to check my Eligibility

If you think that Marbles Credit Card is good for your wallet and wish to get your own, you can check your eligibility here.

Let me know about your experience with marbles!

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