Nordstrom Card Activation Process

The cardholders have an option to Activate Nordstrom Card directly online to start using from 1st day. Nordstrom is one of the favorite shopping destinations for a lot of people who together form their most loyal customers. The company has launched a number of credit cards for these customers which they can choose as per their choice and shopping patterns.

There are three credit cards that Nordstrom has made available for their customers. These are Nordstrom Retail card, Nordstrom Visa Platinum and Nordstrom Visa Signature. These credit cards guarantee the card holders a shopping experience without worrying about the inconvenience of carrying cash.

Nordstrom Card Activation – Easy Process

One of the reasons why Nordstrom Card is a favorite credit card for users is the ease of shopping that it allows them across a number of platforms. Apart from this, the convenience of getting an update makes it very easy for users to manage their finances.

This guide will answer your all queries related to:

  • How Can I activate my Nordstrom Card online?
  • What’s the official website of Nordstrom to activate the card?
  • How to activate Nordstrom card via customer service?

Once you have applied for a Nordstrom Card, you can get all the updates of your credit card using the various services that are provided by the company for its users. In case, you have recently got a new credit card from Nordstrom, you need to activate it to start using it for making payments for your shopping. There are two ways in which you can activate your credit card.

How to Activate your Nordstrom Card online?

All Nordstrom Card users have an online credit card account. Once you have received your card, you can register yourself on that account. I have guided step by step on How to activate Nordstrom Card below.

On logging in for the first time into your account, you can activate your credit card using the online services.

Following below process in order to start using your brand new Nordstrom Card right away:

You will have to enter following detail in order to activate Nordstrom Card at, read it carefully:

  • Enter your Credit Card Number carefully
  • Enter Expiration Date as shown on your credit card
  • Last 4 Digit of SSN
  • Your DOB
  • Then click on “Activate” button shown in Red color.
  • A page will open, enter your personal detail carefully
  • Now, your card is successfully activate!!

Here is the print-screen for your reference:

Nordstrom Card Activation

In order to activate your credit card online, please login to your account through the official link. A successful login will activate your credit card automatically.

How Can I Activate my Nordstrom Card on Phone

You can also contact the customer care of Nordstrom Card and ask them to activate your credit card on phone. All card holders can contact the customer care on their toll free number 18664917860.

Nordstrom card activation number via customer service

The customer care representative will ask for you card number and SSN number. On proving the correct details, your credit card will be activated over the phone immediately.

You can also activate Vanilla visa gift card online, read this post for more information.

Bonus Tips for Activating Nordstrom Card

  • Never-ever share your credit card detail with anyone
  • Never share the 3 secret code printed on back side of the card
  • If you have the old card, then make sure to destroy it, since the old card will be deactivated after activating the new card.

Hope, this guide help you to activate your credit card.

However, if you still not able to activate your Nordstrom Card then do let me know using below comment section, I will try to find out the solution.

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