Scotiabank Credit Card Activation

Have you applied for a new credit card in Scotiabank but don’t know whether activation has been approved or rejected or under review? There are 02 option to check online and via customer service.  In order to make the finances of their customers simple and rewarding, Scotiabank has launched a range of credit cards that provide the best returns along with easy and fast banking options. Scotiabank has over 900 branches all over the world and a number of online platforms that have been designed specifically to make banking easy and convenient for their customers.

Scotiabank Credit Card

Scotiabank has launched credit cards for their Canadian Customers with all the main credit card processors of the country- MasterCard, Visa, and Amex. There are about 15 different credit card options that they provide for their customers from which they can choose the one that suits their needs best. Apart from a number of options, there are online and offline portals that Scotiabank provides to their customers in order to get frequent updates. The online service can be used by customers as per their convenience as it will be automatically updated after every transaction that you make once you have registered your account.

Activate Scotiabank Credit Card at

If you have applied for a Scotiabank Credit Card, you need to activate your credit card in order to start using it for your financial transactions. Please note that you can activate your card only after it has been received by you. There are two ways in which you can activate your new Scotiabank Credit Card.

Activate your Scotiabank Credit Card Online

After you have received your credit card through mail, you can activate it online by visiting to the official Scotiabank website.

  • Go to the
  • Enter your 15 digit credit card number (for American Express) or 16 digit card number (for Visa).
  • Click on Continue button
  • And it will show whether your card has been activated or under review.

Once your card is activated, then it will be available for usage immediately after the online activation process is complete.

Activate your Card over Phone

You can also activate your credit card over phone. For activation, you need to dial the customer service number 1-866-583-6289.

Once you have connected with the customer care executive, you will need to provide the basic details like name and date of birth of the card holder along with the Social Security Number. After your details are found, make sure you provide the correct card number of the card you have received to the customer care representative of Scotiabank.

On providing the correct details, your credit card will be immediately activated over phone.


If you have been maintaining your credit history well, then chances are the Scotiabank Credit Card will be approved. Make sure to submit all necessary documents while submitting the application form. However, if your application has been rejected for Scotiabank card then you can re-consider to submit it again after talking to the customer support.

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