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Easy steps to know whether Surge submitted application has been approved or declined. Fulfill minimum requirement while applying for credit and check status online and offline. Bad credit is a concept that has a different meaning for everyone. But once you fall into the range of bad credit score, it becomes harder and harder to get your credit card applications accepted, which can further worsen your profile.

credit cardSurge credit card comes as a solution for this. Popularly known as the good financing option for bad credit, this credit card from Celtic Bank is likely to be accepted even if you do not have a very sound credit profile. You can check credit card companies list. Using this card in a long term can also improve it further. That is one of the reasons why Surge credit card is so popular.

Another reason why Surge credit card is a favorite of so many people is the easy application process. You can submit your application and once the initial processing is complete, it is also very easy to check the status of your application.

How to check your Surge Credit Card Application Status?

Surge credit card application

It is very easy to stay updated with your application status. Surge credit card allows you the flexibility of choosing a method that suits you best.

Know your Credit Card Status Online

1) Call Surge customer care

You can contact the customer care helpline from your registered mobile number and provide them with the details of your credit card like the application number, name of the applicant and date of birth which will be used by the customer care executive to find your application from the database. Once the information is confirmed and your application is tracked, you will be updated on the current status of your application over the phone call.

You can contact Surge credit card customer service on 866-449-4514 and 1-866-449-4514.The customer care service agents will be available from 7 am to 10 pm from Monday to Friday.

2) Request application status by Fax

You can also contact Celtic Bank Customer Relations Department by fax at and ask for the latest status of your credit card application. Please enclose all the details of your application like your name, date of birth and application number in your fax letter. The fax number for sending your queries is 1-302-454-7952.

3) Send your query via post to Surge

You can also write to the customer relations department for Surge credit card to enquire about your application status.

Please include all the details of your application in the letter so that it is easier to find and update you on the status, like:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Phone Number which you mentioned while filling up the application form
  • Form submission date
  • Mention your Surge  card application number
  • Date of form submission

You can send your inquiries on the postal address below:

Surge Card
P.O. Box 3220
Buffalo, NY 14240-3220

Check your Credit Card Status Online

Surge sign-in

If you already have an account with Surge credit card online services and you need to check the status of your current credit card application, you can check for the same by logging in to your account online

  • Please follow the link which will take you to the login page.
  • Enter your User Name & Password, and click ‘Submit’.
  • After submitted a credit card number for the card you already have with Surge, you will be asked a few security questions.
  • Once you have answered all these questions correctly, your online account will be functional and you can refer to the same for all future updates on your Surge Credit Card.

It is advisable to use this method if you have an access to it because it is the fastest method to get updated on your credit card application status. You can track the most recent developments regarding your credit card application once you are able to log in to your account.

You can also avail this service to get any information regarding your account once your card has been activated like knowing your account balance, making payments and getting e-statements.

Do, let me know your experience with the Surge using below comment form!

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