31 Ways to Save Money in Dubai

Main purpose of working and living in Dubai is to save money for good future. Following these 30 ways that can help you to become rich, simple options to deploy. Dubai is a land where the dreams of many people come true. But the country has a very different way of charging taxes and hence, saving some money while living in Dubai can be very difficult. Some one really well said that drops of water fill a ocean, in same way saving small penny will make it huge amount. However, there are some quick tips that you can use to save money while you live in Dubai.

Tips to save money in Dubai that will make you reach

Dubai: Saving money has been always the most important parts for every employees in the UAE. However, fact is just opposite, hardly 20% of the people are able to save money wisely. Try these option that will help you to save money in short and long run as well while living in Dubai.

  1. Save on Electricity

Electricity bills can dig a very big hole in your pocket every month.  However, if you are using electrical appliances between 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm, the charges will be higher. Save money by cutting down appliance usage at that time. Unplug all the appliances that are not in use, especially during this time each day.

  1. Adjust your AC

Since Dubai, UAE is a hot climate country, there is no alternatives for AC, thus  Air Conditioners are a necessity in the climate of Dubai. But you can keep them on 24 degrees to make sure that electricity usage is minimum.

You may ask why 24 degrees only? Because, the AC machine consume less power when you keep 24 degree, plus keep your room cool enough.

  1. Save on your water usage

For people living in Dubai, water can be a very expensive resource. In order to cut down on water expenses, install a dual flush button on your toilets. This will reduce wastage of water and reduce your water bill as well.

  • If you are using RO water filter, then store the wastage water in a bucket instead letting it stream out.
  • Re-use the RO waste water for floor cleaning / mopping.
  1. Install aerators in water taps

In places where water is scarce, it is a very efficient way to maintain the water pressure by forcing air into the stream. This can be done by installation of aerators. You can increase the water force by mixing air, while water consuming will remain same, this it will save your money on water bill.

  1. Cut down fuel expenses by maintaining temperature

Do not heat your car for more than 1 minute and maintain that temperature to cut down the expenses on fuel.

  1. Manage air conditioning in your car

Keeping your car AC on at all times can increase your expenses on fuel. As the weather gets better, try to switch off your AC and drive with your windows open on a highway to reduce these expenses. Do not use AC on your car continuously for more than 3 minute, turn it off for 2 minute and then resume it.

  1. Wash clothes while saving

Washing your clothes can use a lot of electricity and money. But you can cut down the usage to minimum by washing the clothes in a washing machine on 30 to 40 degrees Celsius. Also, make sure you load the washing machine completely before using it.

  1. Shut down your car engine

To save more on fuel, turn off the engine of your car while waiting on the lights or in case you are not on a move.

  1. Do not overspend on groceries

Calculate your exact groceries usage for a time period, say a week or a month. Buy the exact same amount and never exceed your limit as the extra groceries that you will buy would go bad before you can use them. Save money by avoiding wastage.

  1. Make a list

Whenever you are going shopping, make a list and stick to it. Carry only the amount of money that you will need to buy the items on the list and avoid wasting money.

  1. Check the bottom shelves

Always check the bottom shelves of grocery stores to find cheaper generic alternates of the products you want to buy.

  1. Go local

Make sure to check the local companies that produce a product that you need before the international brands as it will be much cheaper and probably better in terms of quality.

  1. Check all receipts

Always make it a point to check receipts and bills when you purchase anything or eat outside. The errors like double entries need to be corrected before making a payment.

  1. Defrost meat

When you cook meat, make sure it is not frozen as it will take longer to cook and add to your fuel expenses. By using this method, you can save direct money on cylinder-gas.

  1. Use small carts at stores

While purchasing grocery, always use smaller carts. This will cut down on the products you are purchasing and help you to save money.  Also read fabulous tips for saving money on tight budget  that you can apply from the first day.

  1. Cook more

Instead of eating out or buying cooked food, purchase raw food and cook it on your own. You can learn basic cooking to manage your daily meals. This will also help to eat healthy food at home and avoid eating at restaurant.

  1. Change your driving habits

To reduce your fuel expenses, change your driving habits. Never brake too hard and drive in the speed limit of the gears that you are driving it. Sudden rise in speed consume more fuel.

  1. Buy petrol at night

The heat of the day reduces the density of petrol. Thus, if you fill your tanks at night, you can get slightly larger amount of petrol as compared to the day.

  1. Do not over speed

Speed thrills but it can be harmful for your pocket. Drive at a reasonable and steady speed to stay safe and also use minimum fuel.

  1. Use energy efficient appliances

To reduce your expenditure on electricity, buy appliances that have better efficiency and use less units of electricity.

  1. Replace light bulbs

Replace your ordinary light bulbs with more efficient LED lights that consume less power. A LED bulb can reduce your electricity bills.

  1. Adjust your air conditioner

To save electricity, set your air conditioner to ‘auto’ mode rather than switching it off and on repeatedly to adjust the temperature of the room.

  1. Check prices of products before buying

Always make it a point to check for the prices of the products and select the most efficient size of packaging to avoid wastage and get the best deal.

  1. Shop with a full stomach

It is a fact that hungry people shop more. Go for grocery shopping after having your meals and reduce your grocery expenses. Believe it, this works and can save your additional expenses.

  1. Cut your meat

Instead of buying packaged meat, purchase it from a butcher. Ask the butcher to sell you the cheaper parts and get it cut in large parts to save money.

Additionally you can go Vegan and save 20 to 30% amount as compared to what you spend on meat.

  1. Cook with a lid on

Cooking in an uncovered vessel will lead to loss of heat and the food will take longer to cook. Cook in a closed container to reduce fuel expenses.

  1. Fix your grocery store

Most grocery stores place the counters of essential products far from the entrance. Stick to one grocery store so that you are not tempted by useless products while looking for the essentials.

  1. Water your garden at night

Always water the garden during the night to make sure that water expenses are minimum.

  1. Reuse more

Rather than throwing away the products you don’t need, recycle them to make something you can use.

  1. Plan your budget

Finally, always plan your monthly budget to control your expenses. Make a list of total cash flow and estimated expenses, and plan your monthly expenses accordingly.

  1. Wash your clothes

Majority of the working people who are living in Dubai are trying to save money. So, the best idea is to wash your own clothes rather using laundry services. You may buy 2nd hand washing machine to cut down your expenses.


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