18 Ways to Save Money On Indian Wedding

Use these ideas to save money on your wedding which will cut down nearly 50% of your expenses. I have mentioned 18 ways to reduce your marriage bill and works well in India and abroad.

You just can’t turn your ears away when your wedding bells go ringing! Wedding is undoubtedly one of the costliest events in a lifetime. With your big day at the doorstep, are you anxious for a cost effective strategy for planning your wedding? Well with regards to your wedding planning, it is important that you kick-starts your preparations at least a year prior to the main event so that you get to book the venue, event planner, photographer with adequate time in hand.

Ideas to Save Money on Your Wedding

Tips to Save Money On Your Indian Wedding

Moreover with a year in hand you also have the scope to begin shopping at the best prices.  I have bring to you the top 18 ways of reducing your wedding expenses, have a look:

1. Choose Wedding Date Wisely

It’s your right choice alone that can help you save a great deal on venue and guests. As we all well aware that the Indian love to attend Wedding, Dance and obvious Food.

So, the very first tip is to avoid getting married in the wedding season. During this time, the vendors have free time, and less sale, therefore you can hire things at least 20 to 50% cheaper rate.

Also don’t fix the marriage date on Saturday or Sunday. Instead keep working days. This will help you limit the number of guests as weekdays are a busy slot for all working folks out there.

2. Rent a House for Wedding instead booking Wedding Venue

simple wedding venue

As for the venue, you can opt for a country house beyond the city limits or a simple community hall depending on the strength of your guest list. Also, book the place in advance so that you can avail it at a cheaper rate.  It is however advisable to cut down your guest list.

2. Food and Drink Menu

Try to serve the food in the family way which is a great saving option.  The reason is clear for this will serve a two way purpose. Food will cost less and it will encourage in creating a lively, interactive space for the guests.

The general food menu under this service should include rustic, indigenous dishes which will help in saving good amount.  Rather than stressing on a full sit down meal, it will be more effective if you focus on the appetizers and most effective if you manage to organize a cocktail reception.

Also, try to have a signature cocktail passed down to the guests and strictly limit the bar offerings. Food and drink drain out a lot of money but this idea will reduce your cost, won’t it? 

3. Saving Money on Wedding Photography and Videography

wedding photography

Nowadays wedding calls for hiring a professional photographer and videographer that is very much in vogue. This can sometimes take a toll on your budget. So why go for this additional expenditure?

However, if you manage to hire a person who is at the first stage of his career or a close photographer or friend or relative then you can easily save a lot. Photos will be clicked, memories captured to be relived at an incredibly minimum cost.

4. Make Arrangement of your own Wedding Music, DJ

Hiring a professional DJ, band, and musician is an undoubtedly expensive affair. Why not contact a simple school band or performer or at times organize a family performance altogether? You can very well stick to a single DJ for both the wedding ceremony and the reception.

To axe your budget you can always make arrangements for your own live DJ space by playing the top numbers on your own audio player or any stereo equipment and assigning the role of a DJ to a friend or cousin who will not charge a farthing for providing a gala musical evening.

5. Choose Wedding Flowers Wisely 

Wedding flowers

You can’t leave out wedding flowers as these play a vital role on wedding functions but you can always manage the budget. Try not to use the costly flowers and switch over to more of greenery than flowers.

Just make use of one or maximum two types of flowers.

Your floral decor (Phoolwala) should only make use of seasonal flowers. Why don’t we try to add seasonal flowers and leaves that add both color and fragrance?

  • Discuss about your budget with your florist and stick to it.
  • Remove Costly flowers.
  • Keep maximum 02 types of flowers

6. Wedding Ceremony and Reception Decorations

This is another arena where you need to cut down your cost, isn’t it?  Try thinking in advance about the theme you propose to set up on your big day and make use of creative, handmade objects that will reduce your cost and stand out in its uniqueness.

7. Table Centerpieces

This is another major area of your budget drainage. But how about being innovative by using  self made artefacts which will keep your budget in control.Or instead, you can simply hire decorative items on rent for a day.

8. Save on Your Wedding Dress

Saving money on wedding dresses

Who doesn’t want to look grand and gorgeous on the Wedding day? But often this accounts for the majority of your expenses taken together. You often dare to cross all limits when it comes to choosing the best wedding outfit for yourself. However if you choose wisely you can easily keep a check on your extravagant self.

If you think deeply you will see that buying a super costly costume won’t be effective in the long run as you will only get to wear it once or twice in your lifetime and not on a daily basis. Therefore stick to the budget and buy a decently priced bridal outfit.

  • Rent a dress which will save nearly 90% of your cost
  • Borrow a dress from your relatives or close friends
  • Find online on sites like Amazon, Flipkart

9. Simple tips to Save on Menswear

It’s mandatory to shine bright on your big day. However the groom should always be on the look out for effective substitutes for over costly tuxedos or simply RENT one if you can.  You can save nearly 80 to 90 % just on dress; take it on rent instead of buying.  And dress up strictly according to a pre planned cost effective budget.

10. Bride’s hairdo

Opting for a professional hair stylist can sometimes consume a major part of your money. Therefore you can easily choose to do your own hairstyle. Today you have your YouTube videos that make things easier for you or you can visit a cheap, local salon or cosmetology school to save up on the expenses.

11. Bride’s makeup

It is essential to swap up the added expenditure on the makeup which can really get over costly, since we Indian spend a lot on wedding makeup that hardly stay for a day.

You can either buy your own beauty products in advance during the sale offers or simply avail coupons to reduce the cost of buying the products online.

On the wedding day you can simply do your own makeup with help of friends or family.

12. Wedding Jewellery

Saving money on wedding jewellery

This is another major area which needs your attention if you want to save money. Exchanging wedding rings is an age old custom. So be careful and don’t let it go. But yes, be practical and economic.

  • Buy them during the discount phase or through the online apps which usually provides lucrative offers over the year.
  • For your own part, you can simply put on your ancestral jewellery or borrow from your family members.
  • Shop online with reputed sites

If you are desperate to have your own share of ornaments then you should be alert throughout the year as to when there is a fall in the prices or which brands offer discounts and plan to buy accordingly.

13. Don’t forget to use Credit Card Points

Depending on your Credit card, you can use cash back, reward and as well as points when you pay the bill online or offline. Make sure to use your cards to pay your shopping bill, majority of the online sites offer 5 to 10% additional discount when buy it using credit card. Use that credit card that offers good points, so that you can utilize it well and reduce your bill.

14. Wedding Cards

Invitation is a must. But, stay in your limits. We Indian have habit to order expensive wedding cards. Try to keep it as simple as you can.

  • Use Whatsapp to send Invitation – In our super advanced age of technology Whatsapp invitation could be one of the most effective ways of inviting the guests.
  • Online Invitation Card – A simple self designed online invitation card could be circulated via email or a close whatsApp group .
  • Print Limited Cards – However  if you want to go with the tradition of printed cards, you must try and print limited invitation cards for only your close friends and family.

Believe me, you can save nearly 80% of the expenses on Wedding cards using above methods.

15. Joint Reception

Why not arrange for a joint reception?  Instead of having the many events diversely it will be frugal to have all combined .This would save a great deal and ensure a delightful get together.

16. Wedding Favors (Return Gift)

Return Gift

If you want to adhere to the tradition and distribute wedding favors to your near and dear ones  as a token of appreciation for their support and presence on your wedding, you can try to make them on your own rather than seeking out expensive ones.

These are few fabulous ideas that you can use it as wedding return gifts which is budget friendly:

  • Organic Honey
  • Colorful Candle Holder
  • Home-made Cookies

17. Wedding Cake

You don’t want to miss out on your grand wedding cake, right?

To ensure that you stay within your budget you can ask any of your family members or friends associated with bakery (in advance) to make arrangements for a handmade cake instead of ordering a lavish wedding cake from costly bakeries.

Even if you choose to order a cake try to go for a simple two tier cake and then you can add a handmade sheet cake to it. Do not go for exotic, costly add-ons or extra fillings. Keep it as simple as you can. 

18. Plan a Simple Honeymoon

Wedding without a honeymoon! Just unthinkable, no?

But after the wedding expenditure it often appears to be burdensome. Do not worry your burden can be lightened. For that, search for the hotels that offer numerous cost saving honeymoon packages.

Today there are several sites like Makemytrip.com, Yatra.com, Cleartrip.com that offer honeymoon packages at much discount rates.

But, it will work if you book the package at least 4 to 5 months beforehand to get minimum 20 to 40% off.

Try to avail those deals and avoid over the top, luxurious planning if you really want to stay within your budget.

How about a long drive to a nearby countryside resort or spa if you like?  But if you want to fly off really far then you ought to do some research in advance and make arrangements  according to the best offers available on that particular trip.

These 17 ways will definitely help you regulate your wedding expenditure and make your big day a really memorable one! Regards to you in advance! Happy Hitch UP !

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